JULY 2020

Longing what we once knew and had as normality, human contact and a collective life experience, we felt the need to create a positive narrative for the current times we live through.
Photography allows our immersion on a normal everyday life, that may now seem far from reach, and makes the nuances of the daily journeys of each individual indiscernible. Thus, when revisiting the details of our own records and photographs, we suggest here a reflection on the fragility of our perception when observing our human relationships, even in their most banal forms.


" We produced this video, commissioned by sound collective @espacovazioo, to launch their pilot ambient set, Ambiente #01, available at: 

Films by SECONDS"

Espaço Vazio #1

Director Luiza Herdy

Soundtrack Joao Chimspieth - Solstice,

Nicolas Jaar - Sunder, Ismistik - Absence


Espaço Vazio #2

Director Elvis Lins

Soundtrack Architectural - Fragment 02
Tangerine Dream - Love On a Real Train