MARCH 2020

We partnered with Brazil 1,99, a media collective that studies the complex relationship that Brazilians have with their own national products and culture.


The media collective seeks to question through film, fashion and personal stories the reasons why such a richly cultured nation, with so much to offer in every possible colour spectrum, is undervalued when compared to foreign and external products.

At any Brazilian fruit market, in any city or town, we can see what the country has to offer. We find a mix of different geographies, biomes, cultures and influences, materialised in a plethora of ways, standing still or in movement, and always: it is for sale. 

Going to a traditional Brazilian market is the synthesis of this collective and film: how does the Brazilian buy and how do they sell the Brazilian popular culture?

Brazil 1,99 and SECONDS" set out to explore and document this thesis into imagery, exploring a few of the local markets in Brasilia, listening to stories, and further investigating this beautiful yet complex relationship between Brazilians and their culture.

A film by SECONDS"

Director Elvis Lins

Stills Luiza Herdy and Vinicius Martins

Styling Pedro Hermano

Beauty Bianca Anderes

Model Luther Rocha

Soundtrack Luiza Pessoa

Graphics Marina Sofia Bandeira Botelho

Characters Thaynan, Cecília Izidro dos Santos, Ruan Carlos, Cristiane Félix, Romildo da Rocha, Francisco Paulista, Lenderson Sousa, Joāo Maciano, Kelvis Duran, Anthony Boateng, Estefânia (Família Buscapé)